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valvemaster valve spring compressor tool
#VMT68 (.990" dia. body)

Valve Spring Compressor for all Single groove
valve stems up to 7.5mm in diameter
Toyota(2JZGE), Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi & Many others.
Price: $84.95

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Valvemaster VMT2AZ valve spring tool compressor
#VMT2AZ  (.880" dia. body)
Valve Spring Compressor
for all single groove  
valve stems up to 6mm in diameter specifically for
deepset keepers as in Toyotas 2AZFE, 1ZZFE, 2ZZFE
4AGE(20V) & many others
Price $84.95
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VMTMG Multi Groove Tool


Valve Spring Compressor Multi-Groove
Audi, VW, Passat, BMW & Many others with 6mm stems and 3 keeper grooves. Lever type bolt on the head compressor needed for operation.
Price: $124.95      

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Sparkplug Air Adapter
#VHA1  Sparkplug Air Adapter
Brass construction  Accepts 1/4" Male Pipe Thread
14X1.25 Sparkplug thread  Body 7" Long
Price: $19.50

motorcycle valve spring compressor tool#VMTMC
Motorcycle Valve Spring Compressor Yamaha 250
Will work on valve stems to 6mm in diameter
Price: $49.95

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Part# VMT89 (.990" dia. body)
Chevy 350, Ford 289, and many more
Valve spring compressor for 2 valve heads-7.5mm-8.5mm
valve stems.  Use with dead blow or brass hammer.
Head on or off the engine. 
Price: $84.95

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