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valvemaster valve spring compressor tool
#VMT68 (.990" dia. body)

The Best Valve Spring Compressor for all
single groove
valve stems up to 7.5mm in diameter
Toyota(2JZGE), Lexus, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi & Many others.
Price: $84.95

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Valvemaster VMT2AZ valve spring tool compressor
#VMT2AZ  (.880" dia. body)

The Best Toyota Valve Spring Compressor
for all

single groove  
valve stems up to 6mm in diameter specifically for
deepset keepers as in Toyotas 2AZFE, 1ZZFE, 2ZZFE,
4AGE(20V) & many others
Price $84.95
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VMTMG Multi Groove Tool


Valve Spring Compressor Multi-Groove
Audi, VW, Passat, BMW & Many others with 6mm stems and 3 keeper grooves. Lever type bolt on the head compressor needed for operation.
Price: $124.95      

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Sparkplug Air Adapter
#VHA1  Sparkplug Air Adapter
Brass construction  Accepts 1/4" Male Pipe Thread
14X1.25 Sparkplug thread  Body 7" Long
Price: $19.50
motorcycle valve spring compressor tool#VMTMC
The Best Motorcycle Valve Spring Compressor for Yamaha 250
Will work on valve stems to 6mm in diameter
Price: $49.95

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Part# VMT89 (.990" dia. body)
Chevy 350, Ford 289, and many more
Valve spring compressor for 2 valve heads-7.5mm-8.5mm
valve stems.  Use with dead blow or brass hammer.
Head on or off the engine. 
Price: $84.95

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VMTMG Audi 1.8L Valve Spring Compressor Set
Audi/VW/Passat 1.8L Valve Spring Removal & Install Set
Working Prototype
Price: $225.00